#PSYCHWEEK17 integrating disciplines

By Muhammad Faiz

GOMBAK, 11 April 2017: The Secretariat of Psychology IIUM (PSYCSTA) is organising #PSYCHWEEK17 this week with a new twist – by integrating diversity into the programme.

“We are integrating psychology with other fields and disciplines such as law and engineering as our tagline is unity in diversity,” programme coordinator, Jes Idzmen told IIUMToday.

As part of the activities for #PSYCHWEEK17 the secretariat is organising various talks and movie screening that revolve around psychology.

The programmes are Movie Screening & Review: Identity (2013), Ergonomics of Mobile Devices: Thinking about the users, Imam Al-Ghazali: Psychology & Ethics and Forensic Psychology: Relations of Psychology and Legal System. Besides that, the programmes will be conducted on 10 until 13 April respectively.

Besides all of the talks organised, there will be an open exhibition at HS Square starting from 11 until 13 April. The topic of the exhibitions will be aligned with the talks organised for the whole week.

“My expectation for psychology week is that we would be able to attract as many students from other Kulliyyah offering interactive and relative knowledge on psychology. It does align with our effort to integrate psychology with other fields, thus manifesting our motto, ‘Unity in Diversity’,” Jes added. ***

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