IIUM.FM celebrates 15th anniversary with ‘Seloka Raya’ podcast

by Irdina Kamal

GOMBAK, 19 April 2024 – IIUM.FM celebrated its 15th anniversary with a special podcast session titled, “Seloka Raya” at Richiamo Coffee in IIUM Gombak, today.

Divided into two segments, “Radio vs. Podcast: Hala Tuju Radio Kampus” and “Radio Di Hati, Podcast Diminati”, the session was moderated by Br. Muhammad Sharil Sualman from IIUM.FM with guests including Advisor of IIUM.FM, Madam Zarita Kassim; Producer and Host of IKIM.FM, Mr. Faiz Hj. Othman; and, Director of UMalaya Radio, Mr. Syahmi Tajuddin.

In the first segment, “Radio vs. Podcast: Hala Tuju Radio Kampus”, the panellists shed light into the current challenges facing the current field of radio amidst the rise of podcasting.

Madam Zarita spoke of the challenges faced by IIUM.FM, such as the lack of man-power, monetary restraints, and competitors, but remained optimistic about its future.

“These challenges are not far from what the industry faces, but what is important is how we overcome them,” she said.

“In the industry, you will struggle with many competitors. Do not look at these competitors in a negative way, but instead use it as a way to improve yourself,” she advised.

Transitioning into the second segment, “Radio Di Hati, Podcast Diminati”, the focus shifted to the appeal of radio and podcasting among listeners and the differences in the two media.

“The public, especially the youth, now prefers podcasts because the atmosphere is more relaxed compared to radio. However, podcasts can be used as a platform to pull in radio listeners as well,” Mr. Faiz mentioned.

The panellists also discussed the importance of attracting listeners with current issues and topics to remain relevant within the industry. Getting listeners involved in both podcast and radio sessions is also a strategy to increase listenership.

The session concluded with advice for students to be proactive in producing quality content that will give positive impacts not only to the industry, but to the society as well.***