RED 4.0 expedition to Kg. Pos Lemoi, Cameron Highlands receives warm response

By Nurliana Zulkifli

GOMBAK, 9 April 2017: With the theme ‘Connecting Souls, Fostering Love’, the expedition by RED 4.0 to Kg. Pos Lemoi in Cameron Highlands recently had received warm response from the indigenous people who were keen to become Muslims.

The volunteerism programme from 18 to 22 March was organised by Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia (PERKIM) to spread the beauty of Islam through da’wah and education. This village had been chosen for the fourth time because of its traditional way of life and the open-mindedness of the villagers toward Islam. Five of them have become Muslims following the RED 3.0 expedition conducted last semester.

“It’s really a wonderful feeling when I saw good development here especially from Islamic perspective,” programme manager, Muhd Alif Afwan, said in expressing his feeling on the response received.

“Most of them were practising animism and knew about Islam, but they still needed guidance. Thus, it was our mission to bring Islamic teaching here.”

This village consisted of 280 people with Muslims as the minority. There are not many facilities provided here except for a mosque and a primary school besides limited access to the basic necessity.

Throughout the programme, the value of love had been their foundation for education, and efforts were made to strengthen brotherhood among them.

“Only through love we can attract them to our religion and we try to emphasise it through our module because it’s our responsibility,” Muhd Alif Afwan explained.

To achieve the objective of education and improve on their lifestyles, volunteers taught science and mathematics to the children and each group was asked to adopt one family to follow up on their progress.

Among other activities conducted were cultural exchange, a hygienic clinic and classes for santapan rohani (spiritual development). Besides that, Ziarah Mahabbah, Islamic storytelling, and congregational prayer formed part of the strategies to get closer to the villagers.

Throughout the volunteerism programme PERKIM donated one generator and an azan clock to the village’s mosque and drew Islamic mural and motivation words on the school’s wall as memory.

Besides that, some donations from society such as food, money and clothes were distributed to the villagers.

“I am looking forward to the continuation of this programme for the betterment of my villagers’ life in the future,” Tok Batin, the village head, suggested to PERKIM, saying “Eng Hok Kenoneng Ye Suma UIA” (which means “I love all IIUM students”).

“Through RED expedition, I hope it will increase the spirit of volunteerism among the society because there are still many people who need our contribution and knowledge sharing,” assistant programme manager, Hidayah Sulaiman said.

The RED 4.O expedition comprised 55 participants, and they traveled to the interior village using 15 four-wheeled drive vehicles which were sponsored by Serindik Kasih and received collaboration and support from Usrah Santai and PERKIM (IIUM) Kuantan.

For the next trip, they planned to visit Tahfiz school and Kg. Lening. Those interested are invited to follow their Facebook and Instagram: PERKIM Secretariat IIUM Gombak, for