KIRKHS Dean’s List Ceremony

By Nasnee Bendara

GOMBAK: Dean’s list achievers from all departments of Kulliyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (KIRKHS) were gathered in a special ceremony last Friday, 9th May 2014 at ADM LT4 of Islamic Revealed Knowledge (IRK) building.

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Zein, the Dean of Kulliyyah of IRKHS said the ceremony was to acknowledge the achievements of the students. “The aim of having the dean’s list ceremony is to acknowledge the success of the students and this acknowledgement is meant to encourage them to do well. The ultimate goal is to prove that the students are the future of the Kulliyyah and they are the future of high education in this country as well,” he added.

Prof. Ibrahim Zein also said that the high achievers were really motivated, very focused and most of them knew what they wanted, while the low achievers were not motivated, they were not focused.

A third year student from Sociology and Anthropology Department, Muhammad Hidayat Bin Azman, expressed his agreement, “there must be balance in your study, not just to get knowledge but also to do well in your examinations. If you do not study for your examinations, you will not get good grades. When you do not get good grades, you cannot achieve your dream. It is very important for all students to be on the dean’s list at least once during their student life” he said. Muhammad Hidayat is currently holding the position of Director of “Ulek: Suatu Ceritera Mistik” and also serving as the Vice Secretary of Sociology and Anthropology student’s Association (SOCASA). “When you get to know people in the society, they’ll be inspired by your success and will follow your footsteps.” he added.

Siti Nur Adibah bt Zulkafli, another third year student from the Department of Comparative Religion, advised other students to maintain a balance in both academic and social activity.

Hasnah Atiqah binti Hassan Shukri, a second year student from Department of Arabic Language and Literature said the most important thing is to share the knowledge with others.

This is the living proof that being on dean’s list students is not isolated. Recipients are people who are active in co-curriculum activities in the campus and are also good with their academic work. “Getting on the dean’s list is not everything. It is a reward from Allah,” Hasnah said.

Farah Nabilah binti Abdul Rahman, 2nd year psychology student, said that “being on the dean’s list is like doing da’wah because when you speak or tell others, people will trust you. There will be credibility in your speech. Apart from that, they must be good in their characters as well”.

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Zein has also said that being on the dean’s list, students must not just obtain high GPA but they must have good ethics as well, including holding their Islamic values in life. Agreeing with the dean’s statement, Farah Nabilah binti Abdul Rahman and Hasnah Atiqah binti Hassan Shukri emphasized that those who have on the dean’s list must be humble and sincere.

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