Ibadah camp by CLASS

GOMBAK: An estimated 1,800 students participated in the ‘Ibadah Camp organised by the Centre for Credited Leadership and Soft Skills in Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Mosque held on the 9th and 10th May 2014.

The camp is part of spiritual enhancement in Fard ‘Ayn and Study Circle modules. It aims to help students understand current issues related to daily ‘ibadah.

Program Manager Nazrul Affandi Bin Jani said that this is the first time Study Circle 2 students are required to attend the ‘Ibadah Camp since 2006 due to insufficient facilitators. Despite the on-going problem of inadequate facilitators, everything was under control.

The objectives of this camp are to provide students with better understanding of important concepts and issues related to Fard ‘Ayn, to encourage students to share their thoughts and ideas and to improve students’ teamwork via outside-class activities. Dr Ibrahim Nuhu Tahir was among the few remarkable individuals who delivered a lecture during the camp. Students were required to sleep in the mosque and to rise at 5 am for Qiyamullayl.

An explorace was also conducted where various groups of participants were required to rush to checkpoints and answer questions in order to proceed to the next one. Those finishing first for each category were awarded with hampers. After attending this camp, students are expected to be able to understand, practice and recall issues and solutions on ‘Ibadah, develop mutual understanding and sense of unity and experience different teaching and learning styles.

“The ‘Ibadah Camp was something I’ve never experienced before. I’ve done Qiyamullayl before in the US, but never was it so big mashaAllah. The speeches were both very beneficial for me, and it was very nice to see a woman scholar at the front of the mosque giving a dars because women definitely need that kind of a role model!,” participant Safiya Ravat said.

Another participant, an AIKOL student Amer Ashrhaf Azuddin, 20, said “In my opinion, the ‘ibadah camp was comprehensive in nature. It covered almost all the aspects an ibadah camp needs to be. It was indeed a memorable experience and nurtured my soul to a greater extent.”

Facilitator Norhaslinda Mohamad Roslan said that 900 students are expected to join the second batch which will be held on the 15th and 16th May 2014.

Committee member and emcee, Ahmad Syarief b. Fadhli, on behalf of CCAC proclaimed that anyone interested to become a facilitator or trainer is welcome. “You can join us and contribute with us to help your juniors later on,” he says. “All you have to do is come to our office and let us know.”

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