SRC Meets Rector over Main Gate Issue

The Students’ Representative Council (SRC) met with the rector yesterday and held discussions over the main gate issue.

The meeting was held to address students’ concern on the new gate rulings that were put to effect a few days ago.

SRC’s Student Welfare unit reported that among the reasons for the introduction of the new rulings were to reduce congestion on the public main road and to enforce stricter regulation for security purposes.

This is due to the recent theft and rape reports that involve the safety of IIUM students.

The policy implication are:

All vehicles except buses and heavy vehicles are allowed to enter the main gate from 6 A.M. until midnight. After midnight, students would have to use gate 3.

Gate 2 will not be opened due to the shortage of officers and the inability of road widening efforts to be carried out.

According to the report, the policy would be implemented in three stages:

  • First, all buses and heavy vehicles will be directed to gate 3 at all times.
  • Second, every car in IIUM will be colour-coded according to specific gate entrance to reduce congestion and increase security.
  • Third, the implementation and enforcement of the law will be fully in place after the colour coding system has been introduced and distributed.

Other notes include the upgrading of lighting along the way leading up to gate 3, development of surrounding area which include a cafeteria and a futsal court to liven the place and the widening of road for better traffic flow.

The policy is estimated to be fully implemented in full force by May 2014.

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