IMC Exhibition: Unbeatable taste from Gombak’s Pak Din Satay

By, Lisa Suraya Padhli and Balqis Ardini Anor

Gombak, 29 May 2024: Pak Din Satay, that is based in Gombak, delivered the value proposition of selling satay that is super delicious. The satay stall was part of the one-day Exhibition on Empowering Local Entrepreneurs in Gombak that was held today in the Human Sciences Square at IIUM Gombak. It was organised by Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) students and the Communication Student’s Association in collaboration with nine local entrepreneurs in Gombak, including Pak Din Satay.

While the real business owners of Pak Din Satay could not be present in the exhibition as Wednesday is their usual day off, a team of dedicated IMC students, led by Mehrin Fathima, stepped up to promote this local favorite food on their behalf. The exhibition was part of their course assessment for Integrated Marketing Communication.

They were committed to help promote Pak Din Satay after visiting it in Gombak. The students were impressed by the resilient business which boasts multiple branches in the area. The owner’s warm and approachable personality had confirmed their decision to promote the growing local business.

According to Fathima, customers cannot get enough of Pak Din Satay’s signature mixed plate featuring chicken and beef satays. Yet, the real star seems to be the beef satay, as each stick includes two tender pieces of meat and there is a piece of crispy fried beef fat in the middle which brings an even more enjoyable taste of the satay.

While managing the booth mid-way through the exhibition, the team encountered some challenges due to not having actual food samples available, unlike other booths. “If we had samples, we would get more customers,” Fathima explained. To make up for it, they offered games and distributed stickers with the shop’s QR code to promote the stall. Despite the lack of satay, the team remained strong as they kept engaging with visitors through interactive games while offering pre-order options for delivery on the next day. Nonetheless, Fathima acknowledged the need for satay samples, as customers were hesitant to order blindly without seeing or tasting the products first.

Fathima reflected, “It’s a really good lesson in communication of how to attract people and how to keep them engaged, and it is a real-world experience.” Basically, this practical experience provided valuable insights into the world of retailing and marketing. The hardworking team applied the theoretical knowledge they learnt from the classroom and it proved that it was quite challenging yet rewarding. The team also recognized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and resilience in the face of discouragement as it is one of the crucial traits for any successful marketing communication endeavour.

Thus, the exhibition seemed to kill two birds with one stone as it was a medium for promoting the local entrepreneurs in Gombak while applying IMC principles, practically.***

(This article was written as a class activity for COMM2312: Basics of Writing.)