IMC Exhibition: Kek Hidayah booth, targets students with its affordable prices

By, Nureen Aleeya Azlan and Nurin Syazwina Nasri

Gombak, 29 May 2024: The Exhibition on Empowering Local Entrepreneurs in Gombak took place today in the Human Sciences Square of the Human Sciences Building, IIUM Gombak. The event was a collaboration between Integrated Marketing Communication students, the Communication Students’ Association (COSA) and nine local entrepreneurs. These students organized the event, guided by Advisor and Lecturer of COMM 3315: IMC, Department of Communication, AHAS KIRKHS, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aida binti Mokhtar.

The exhibition aimed to promote local businesses, particularly from Kampung Kerdas, Gombak, to the IIUM community. The exhibition is part of promotional campaigns for Integrated Marketing Communication students to help local entrepreneurs market their businesses. The featured booths included Kek Hidayah, Tuns Anuar, My QT Bites, Mat Murtabak, D’Brothers Clean, Pak Din Satay, Salon Spa Muslimah, QQ D’Bloom, and Mr. 23 Bakso.

This event was a significant step in encouraging support for local businesses in Gombak and boosting its economy. It aimed to create a sustainable future by highlighting the importance of promoting local enterprises nowadays. According to the students and booth representatives, the event was a success, with many booths selling out before the event concluded at 5.00 p.m.

One of the outstanding booths was Kek Hidayah, that attracted considerable attention with its wide variety of cakes; from cookies to brownies. This booth was chosen due to the current trend of sweet treats being immensely popular among all age groups.

The attractiveness of Kek Hidayah lies in its capacity to meet the needs of the younger generation. “We know that we can cater to all the demands, especially from the young crowd of students. We all love sweets and cakes, which is why we chose Kek Hidayah,” a student representative of Kek Hidayah explained enthusiastically. This explains why they chose Kek Hidayah; its wide variety of delicious and affordable cakes appeal to students’ tastes and budgets.

This reflects the broader trend of craving sweet treats among younger people, making Kek Hidayah a perfect fit for the event. Their cookies and brownies, priced affordably between RM 2.00 to 2.50, sold faster than other items. With these low prices, customers can satisfy their cravings because the treats are not only sweet and delicious but also cheap.

“Our target for sales was RM300, but alhamdulillah we have already achieved RM280 by 1.00 p.m.,” said a student representative. Due to the high demand and preorders, they are considering selling their products at COSA Corner next week as a side income, sharing the profits among the four team members.

This exhibition showcased the importance of supporting local businesses and highlighting the success of Kek Hidayah in meeting the sweet demands of the younger generation.***