School bullying must be stopped in Malaysia

By Unaisah Othman

A place where any person can seek knowledge is in school. Nothing is more significant in this world than pursuing knowledge. It is impossible to acquire knowledge without searching for it with all your might. Given its strong influence, school also has a significant part in shaping or developing an individual’s behaviour and personality. In addition, going to school can help students make wonderful memories with their teachers and classmates by having a wonderful time. 

Without some people’s knowledge, a person may face negative experiences at school. Bullying is one of the main causes of these experiences. Bullying, along with ragging, have permeated some schools in Malaysia. Stated differently, it can be claimed that seniors, in particular, have created a culture of bullying junior pupils. The statistics reported by Astro Awani show that there have been more and more bullying cases—5,000 occurrences have been recorded in 2023. This is really worrying. 

Prior to this problem, bullying may be a culture at the school brought on by loose school regulations. Students would not hesitate to commit these kinds of aggressions as a result. They would not be repentant even though they have been punished since the penalty is not severe enough. As they find bullying intriguing, the pupils will continue to engage in it and will likely continue to do so on an increasing basis. 

Because they are the ones who suffer both physically and psychologically, the victims of bullying are always the ones who bear the consequences. Among the effects of bullying include their reduced confidence or low self-esteem, as well as their fear of going to school. They will decide not to attend school and become illiterate as a result. 

Therefore, the bully should receive a severe penalty from the school administration as a serious measure. Additionally, teachers in charge of enforcing school discipline should designate more school prefects and uphold their authority even more. If the long-standing problem in schools is resolved, the quality of education in our nation may be enhanced with better enforcement. ***

(This article is written as part of an individual assignment for sustainable Development: Issues, Principles and Practices, SCSH 1201 class)