STANEX 2023 extends celebratory mood of 39th IIUM Convocation

By Muammar Hadi Marzuki

GOMBAK, 30 November 2023: The Stall and Exhibition event 2023 (STANEX 2023) has ended and was a huge success as it was received very well by the IIUM community, said the programme manager, Nurafiqah Binti Roslee.

According to the IIUM website, “STANEX 2023 is an event organised in conjunction with IIUM Convocation hosted by Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in conjunction with the 39th International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Convocation Ceremony.” The 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony took place from 25 November to 29 November 2023 at IIUM Gombak at the same time as STANEX 2023.

In an interview with IIUM Today, Nurafiqah, mentioned that the goal of STANEX 2023 was supporting bumiputera businesses as well as celebrating graduands and their families.

“The seats allocated for family members in the main convocation hall is usually limited, thus the rest of them were able to join us and be entertained by us,” she said.

She added that STANEX 2023 was also able to create networking opportunities between students, family members and the companies that had set up their booths and exhibitions on campus like Angkatan Pertahanan Malaysia (APAM) and Maxis amongst them.

She also expressed how beneficial it was for the committee members of STANEX 2023, especially for the students, to be involved, and explained, “the students were able to learn how to communicate with people and vendors as well as how to organise such a big event.”

According to the Director of IIUMTV, Maghrib Abul Razak, STANEX 2023 has done a great job as it was able to bring a festival that is as big as the convocation ceremony to IIUM Gombak, to join in the celebration of the graduates and their family members.

He also praised STANEX 2023 for taking advantage of the opportunity given to them and making the most out of it as he explained, “STANEX knew that only two family members can enter the main hall and so they ensured that other family members can have a good time as well.”

STANEX 23 lasted for five days and was organised by the Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) in collaboration with STADD, SDC, and CITRA***