Facing highs and lows is part of learning, say KOM best students of 39th IIUM Convocation

By Jasmin Jafrizul

GOMBAK, 29 November 2023: “It is natural to have challenges and doubts during our years of studying, and it is part of our learning process, but with determination and a positive mindset, we must believe that setbacks are not an indication of failure but an indication of growth,” said Muhammad Affiq Idham. According to Nur Hasanah Nurmirafudin, “The journey at the IIUM was a memorable one, I definitely had highs and lows during that moment, but it was a learning experience. I really have to thank my friends and lecturers that I had met along the way.”

Both were Best Student Award winners at the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony in the fifth session of the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony.

Muhammad Affiq won the Best Student (Overall) Award at the Kulliyyah of Medicine (KOM) level and Nur Hasanah Nurmirafudin won the Best Student Award from the Department of Community Medicine. They were awarded for their outstanding academic achievements. Both graduates completed their Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree at the IIUM.

“There were three important things that I reminded myself of during my university life, which were to have a connection with myself, a connection with God, and a connection with people around me. Always find a way to cater to each of those connections. Set aside time to do self-care like really understanding the Quran or doing something healthy and take the time to call your loved ones,” Hasanah remarked.

While Affiq reckoned that the academic environment had been a huge factor in the success that he gained in order to dive deep into his field of study.

“Being resilient was my guiding principle thus, each challenge became an opportunity to me, whether it was personal or academic growth,” he added.

“Transitioning from theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge was also very challenging for me during my study, especially during the time I spent dealing with patients,” mentioned Affiq.

“All of us will have struggles with our education at some point, but I think that there are times when we need to prioritise certain things and be realistic with our goals,” said both Hasanah and Affiq.

By sharing both of their experiences, they concluded that although there was high academic demand, mainly the workload and multiple examinations that gave huge pressure and stress to them, but success came by being adaptable, having perseverance, and using a strategic approach with good time management.

Both Hasanah and Affiq expressed mixed feelings of happiness and sadness after five years of studying at the IIUM. ***

Jasmin Jafrizul