Takreem Al-Khirrijeen celebrates the accomplishments of PhD graduands and supervisors

By Afifah Syahmina

GOMBAK, 29 November 2023 : The Hooding Ceremony or “Takreem Al-Khirrijeen” that took place last Thursday (23 November) at IIUM Banquet Hall, Abdul Rauf Building, ahead of the 39th IIUM Convocation Ceremony, brought together PhD graduands and their supervisors.

The ceremony was held to recognise the achievements of the graduands and their supervisors. .

Dr. P Kangatheri A/P Ponnudorai and Prof. Datin. Dr. Junaidah Hashim were among the graduands and supervisors who celebrated their achievements. Both have their own intriguing stories behind the success.

When asked what made her pursued her postgraduate in IIUM despite her different religious belief, Dr. Kangatheri said, “I found that IIUM has a very good brothers and sisters relationship”. She indicated that IIUM communities treated her with respect.  

She experienced a great sense of welcome from the IIUM communities and everyone was willing to assist her without showing any type of discrimination. As an educator with 17 years of experience, Dr. Kangatheri did not see any disparity in academic access at IIUM. Everyone received the same treatment despite their varied racial and religious backgrounds.

Dr. P Kangatheri A/P Ponnudorai from AHAS KIRKHS

On the other hand, Prof. Datin. Dr Junaidah Hashim, who successfully supervised seven graduands, highlighted her capabilities in academic mentorship.

According to Prof. Junaidah, supervising seven PhD students simultaneously required excellent time management and organisational skills. She had to carefully allocate her time to meet with each student regularly, provide feedback on their work, and guide them through the research process.

Prof. Junaidah also shared that through her 25 years journey as an academician, she has reached the highest peak which made her retired early. ***

Prof. Datin. Dr Junaidah Hashim with her five PhD students