39th IIUM Convocation: Palestinian Master’s graduate appreciates Malaysian support

By Muammar Hadi Marzuki

GOMBAK, 27 November 2023: “I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the Malaysian government and people for their support towards my nation,” said Palestinian Master’s graduate from Abdulhamid Abusulayman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (AHAS KIRKHS), Albanna Yahya H. M.

The Palestinian received his Master’s of Human Sciences in Communication degree in the second session of the 39th IIIUM Convocation Ceremony at IIUM Gombak, yesterday. 

He further explained in an interview with IIUM Today, the Malaysian government provides psychological, moral, and material support during the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

“I am immensely proud to represent my homeland, Palestine, here in Malaysia and despite the challenges I face, I continue to succeed and thrive,” he said, and added that while his people confront the Israeli aggression, his journey is a testament to the resilience of the Palestinians in his pursuit of knowledge.

He mentioned that every day the Palestinians demonstrate their ability to succeed, find joy, and make strides forward, despite the adversities and he urged the IIUM community to intensify their prayers for his people and for his beloved homeland, Palestine.

He also shared that his initial challenge in IIUM was mastering the English language, which he diligently learned and perfected and said, “I utilised the COVID-19 period effectively by enhancing my linguistic abilities through dedicated efforts.”

“Overall, the university environment is splendid and fosters an excellent learning atmosphere, particularly for those residing on campus,” he said, and added that he spent many hours in the library after finding it to be a place with invaluable resources for his study.

He also revealed that his primary source of motivation stemmed from his own ambition to accomplish his goals and his drive that propelled him forward to continuously strive for further achievements.

“The unwavering support of my family, especially my parents, serves as my second source of motivation, additionally, my homeland, Palestine, stands as my third form of motivation as I am driven to introduce innovation to my country and contribute to the development of my nation,” he said.

To conclude, he advised all his peers to embrace diligence and perseverance throughout their educational journey and to be patient as patience is key to overcoming obstacles. He stressed, “Let’s make acquiring knowledge a daily motivation and with this, we’ll witness the rewarding outcomes.” ***