RMC welcomes new Heads of Research

By Tengku Humaira Tengku Naufal

GOMBAK, 3 August 2023: The Research Management Centre (RMC), had its first meeting welcoming the new Heads of Research from the Gombak, Pagoh, and Kuantan campuses on the 3rd of August 2023 at the RMC Conference Room of IIUM Gombak.

It aimed to provide an introduction to all new heads, the general structure of the organisation and familiarise themselves with the procedures that are required to be followed when overseeing the research performed in each department. 

The purpose of the RMC event was also formed to encourage, manage and organise the research activities of the university.

The Director of RMC, Prof. Dr. Amir Akramin bin Shafie, mentioned in his opening speech “that as a university which preaches responsible research, there are many amanahs that must be upheld for the community to benefit from research.

“Proposed initiatives for the Roadmap between 2023 – 2024 were to increase high-impact community and industry-based research, intensify research on the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the development of an integrated system for research and community,” he added.

The Assistant Director of RMC, Madam Nor Aminah Binti Kostor also stressed on the importance of serving the community and reaching the desired outcome of carrying out responsible research.

“With the core values of the community in mind, it is crucial for the new Heads of research to be leading research and their respective task forces with established procedures in mind,” she highlighted.

Following these were briefings on Grant Applications and Registration by the Deputy Director of the Grant Initiative and a briefing on Grant Management and Monitoring by the Deputy Director of the Grant Management Unit. Continuing on, was a briefing on the Financial Procedures, MyRA, Patents, Commercialisation, and ended with Bioethics. 

At the end of the meeting, all the Heads of Research introduced themselves and the event wrapped up with a group photo commemorating the joining of the new Heads of Research to RMC. ***

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