IIUMSU ELECTION 2023: OLAF and OCAP plan to increase student participation in SU

By Nurul Shafiqah Mohd Arif

GOMBAK, 23 May 2023: A dialogue for the IIUMSU Election 2023 campaign, between candidates running for the Office of Legal Affairs (OLAF) and the Office of Communication, Advocacy, and Promotion (OCAP), was held on 18 March 2023 from 8.00 pm until 10.30 pm. 

The two candidates were AIKOL student, Khairil Anwar Bin Mohamad who is running for the Office of Legal Affairs and AHAS KIRKHS student, Nur Syafiqa Aleesya Binti Pajuzi who is running for the Office of Communication, Advocacy, and Promotion. The moderator of the dialogue was Sr. Najihah Binti Hisham. 

During the dialogue session, Khairil expressed his intention to establish a code of conduct and a collective objective for the office once he assumes the position. This is so as to provide clear guidelines for officers to adhere to.

“I intend to enhance the rapport with all officers, by ensuring that the needs and well-being of the office staff are adequately addressed as well,” he added.

When asked about student participation in the Student Union, he explained that students often refrain from joining the Student Union because they are unaware of the code of conduct. 

“Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that all members receive proper guidance on the rules and regulations so that they can become reliable officers in the future,” he concluded. 

On the contrary, “portraying a friendlier Student Union to students is crucial to attracting student interest in the student body,” Syafiqa emphasised.

She further mentioned that by developing good relationships between the Student Union and university societies it will contribute to reaching a broader audience. 

Syafiqa also expressed her intention for proactive advocacy both on and off campus, encompassing timely and informed responses to campus-related issues.

When questioned about students’ limited knowledge regarding the existence of the body, she explained that despite the lack of active involvement, students remain aware of it since they participate in the voting process and other related activities.

In her concluding remark, she emphasized that students’ interest and engagement can be increased through the physical appearance of the student society. 

This dialogue was held in LT 1 Kuliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS) and also was broadcast live via IIUMSU Election Commission YouTube channel. ***

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