IIUMSU Election 2023: Khairil Anwar aims to be a good leader

By Mohammad Shahziq Saleem

GOMBAK, May 21 2023: Muhammad Khairil Anwar Bin Mohamad, from Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Laws (AIKOL) is running for the Office of Legal Affairs of the International Islamic University Malaysia Student Union (IIUMSU) in the upcoming IIUMSU Election 2023.

In an interview with IIUMToday he said, “Throughout my tenure as the office bearer, I will put more emphasis on advocating the nature of the administrative practice of the Union, and encourage new talents to join the Union,” said Khairil with regards to his manifesto.

He plans to face the challenge of getting his office staff to be confirmed by the end of June and to ensure the bridges that the Union has built with their stakeholders are well taken care of.

“I will have to work closely with all officers in ensuring every initiative they have planned are legally justified and leave trivial to no room for negative scrutiny against any initiative from the Union,” Khairil explained.

He added that he will engage in every board of approval meeting of the Union to scrutinise any detrimental factor in all initiatives to avoid public backlash, and provide advice to respond to any backlash, if any.

On why he is contending, Khairil wants to represent the academic interests of students from the legal aspect of an organisation. 

“From my previous experience, I learned that it was so rewarding to see students benefiting from the impact and changes I have contributed to a specific group.”

What also interests him to contend for the seat is that he would like to take a more active role to interact with students from a variety of different backgrounds that can result in a strong and long-lasting network of connections.

“I wish to continue the successful tenure and leadership of the Legal Office that was led by Sr. Ainul Mardhiyyah Roslan,” he added.

In defining a good leader, Khairil said, “A good leader will always be ready to learn, unlearn and effectively delegate tasks to his people to ensure the best output is delivered by his office to its stakeholders.”

He is willing to try his best in listening to ideas from students that may help him in leading his office for a greater purpose.

In his final words before the election, he voiced out his concerns about the lack of participation in the previous election and is worried about the upcoming one so he urged students to cast their votes on the 25th of May.

Previously, Khairil was the Senior Associate Editor for IIUM Law Majalla, Vice President of the IIUM Moots and Client Consultation Club, Head of the Central Operation Department in the IIUM Student Union and a Member of the IIUM Election Commission Tribunal.***

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