IIUMSU Election 2023: Ain Nabilah to produce a guideline

By Nurafifa Shazana Mansor

GOMBAK, 21 May 2023: Nur Ain Nabilah binti Mohd Roslee, the candidate that nominated herself for the position of Assistant Secretary 3 promises to produce a book as a guideline on how to execute proposals and invitation letters. 

œSometimes people need guidance and a proper guideline, so I think it will be good for them, Ain said in an interview with IIUMToday.

Ain, the second-year second-semester student of English For International Communication from the Kuliyyah of Languages and Management (KLM) nominated herself for the position because she wanted to try to be on the operation and technical committee. 

œI have tried the position in the Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) and Kulliyyah of Languages and Management Students Society (KLMSS) and stayed in the organization until this day. I would say that this position suits me and am capable of it, so far,” she said.

The Co-Chairperson of International Affairs of KLMSS IIUM Pagoh further stressed, œIn the Secretary position, I aim to have meetings with secretaries from other organizations to arrange an almanac on programmes by each society.

This is due to complaints from students that they have many programmes to join but the time clashes. Therefore, this could be the best solution that will ease the students daily affairs.

Holding the position of the Head of International and Culture, MRC Zaid bin Harithah, Ain Nabilah defined a good leader as a leader who applied transparency within an organization.

œI believed that leaders want to cover the flaws of the organization so that its image will be good. But somehow, being transparent is important as a sign of honesty with members of the organization.Â 

Ain also said, œThis will make them feel included in the issues and problems that happen within the organization and everyone is involved in the communication.

In her final message to IIUM students, she said, œI will try my best in the position, and I hope everyone can give their support. ***

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