COMM FESTIVAL 2023: Experts reveal secrets to thrive in PR

By Adib Noor Azam

GOMBAK, 15 May 2023: In conjunction with the Communication Festival 2023 (COMMFESS 23), the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Student Association – IIUM Chapter (IPRMSA) organised a seminar as part of the PR Lecture Series on the topic œCommunication and Career Success in Todays Globalised World that was held on 11 May (Thursday) in the Human Sciences Seminar Room, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). 

The event featured the founder of the public relations agency, White and Associates, Mr. Abdul Latiff Puteh with over 30 years of experience in the Strategic Communication field who shared advice and experiences. He presented alongside a social media influencer, lecturer of the IIUM Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS), and IIUM alumna from the Department of Communication, AbdulHamid AbuSulayman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (AHAS KIRKHS), Ms. Nurul Emilia Diyana who discussed on effective communication skills and career opportunities in today’s globalised world. 

“It is crucial for Communication graduates who have the intention of pursuing a career in Public Relations to prepare themselves with the right skills and knowledge before venturing into the industry,” Mr. Abdul Latiff highlighted.

“The fundamentals of writing are the most critical skill needed if they want to survive in the Communication field,” he further emphasised.  

In communicating career growth and success, Mr. Abdul Latiff encouraged the students to be part of international organisations so as to be exposed to and develop global networks. 

œIf you want to be a player in a globalised world, you have to put yourself in it, he said. 

He added, as technology gradually emerges in the globalised world, many might be concerned that it might be a threat to the Communication industry. 

Mr. Abdul Latiff mentioned that even with the assistance of technology, human intervention is still needed in generating art and content. œDo not rely too much on it (technology), use it smartly, he said. 

Ms. Nurul Emilia Diyana emphasised to students the significance of observing the stability of emotion before writing. She believed that it is one of the most important skills for a Communication practitioner.

Mrs Emilia who has experience in undergoing an internship programme in the Corporate Communication Department insisted that communication practitioners must always be professional to fit in the job expectations. 

She highlighted that technology should not replace us and our skills and added, œ…companies are looking for real people with real talents.

œYou should know how to do things manually (including writing without using ChatGPT) and the skills that you learn are very important in Public Relations, she advised. 

The speakers agreed that regardless of any limitations or personality traits, Communication practitioners must take the opportunity to challenge themselves to perform well in the profession. 

The event was attended by students from the Department of Communication. The talk continued with a question-and-answer (QnA) session with the students and ended with a photography session.*** 

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