Wild dogs affecting female students at several Mahallahs

By Ma Ziyi

GOMBAK, 26 March 2023: Since November 2022, the wild dogs concentrated in Mahallah areas have caused great trouble to students especially female students.

Residents of Mahallah Halimah and Mahallah Asma told IIUMToday that the Mahallahs that were mainly affected are: Asma, Hafsah, Aminah, Halimah and Maryam.

At first, the wild dogs were just a family of 4-5 puppies hiding in the sewers between Mahallah Halimah and Mahallah Asma.

Since this year, the number of wild dogs has continued to increase, and now there are more than 8 of them and their size is much bigger as well.

Residents of Mahallah Halimah and Mahallah Asma have reported the issue to the Mahallah office several times and the university is investigating, but the solution is still under discussion.

“They often barked at midnight. I saw them chasing kittens around the Mahallah area and even biting one to death,” said Mahallah Halimah resident, Jia Lanting.

She later emphasized that students live in worry all day, fearing that their safety will not be guaranteed, especially at night.

A resident from Mahallah Asma, Naheedah Reza Jalal Rahuman, started an online petition among students with regards to this issue.

“These wild dogs even chased the students, we’re scared of going out to buy food at cafes or even going to classes,” Naheedah wrote in the petition.

She hoped that the petition would prompt IIUM Student Union, the Mahallah Representative Committee, and other organizations to take further action, especially during Ramadan, as the safety of residents during the night needs to be guaranteed.

So far, 1498 students have signed the petition and it would be appreciated if other students can help sign the petition here. ***

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