Graduating Communication students attend internship briefing to enhance preparation 

By Syed Ajmal 

GOMBAK, 14 March 2023: In an effort to prepare graduating Communication students for internship, a briefing which gathered Integrated Media Journalism and Strategic Communication students was hosted last Friday (10 March).

The briefing for internship class (COMM 4995) was organised by the Communication Department and conducted by Internship Coordinator, Dr. Nur Shakira Mohd Nasir and assisted by Dr. Helmi bin Yusoh. 

During the briefing, Dr. Shakira urged the students to promptly begin planning the companies to apply for as to provide a wider range of opportunities.

“It is also best for students to have a few options in mind to avoid problems such as the process being prolonged,” she added.

Although the procedure will be tedious, Dr. Shakira also recommended that students carefully follow the instructions in order to successfully secure their placement. 

She then advised students to maximize their creativity in designing their individual e-portfolio.

“The e-portfolios should portray crucial information of students that showcases their skills and curriculum activities,” she added.

Dr. Shakira emphasized that this is to produce a more appealing Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the company of choice.

At the same event, it was announced that the Communication Department and Communication Students’ Association (COSA) are preparing for an upcoming event, Communication Festival 2023, which will provide a platform for students to practice their skills, as briefed by the chairperson of COSA, Sarah Kamilia Mohd Razif.***

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