MPKK establishment at national level to focus on students’ residential college issues

By Syafiah Sakirin

GOMBAK, 21 December 2022: A proposal on the foundation of the National Residential College Student Representative Council (MPKK) establishment was discussed during the National Residential College Conference 2022 on 17 December (Saturday) at IIUM Senate Hall.

The fourth motion proposal discussion was led by the former President of Mahallah Representative Coordination Council (MRCC), Amaly Syahmie.

According to Amaly, the discussion and recommendation in the session is crucial to further work on the organisation’s solid technicality and guidelines that will be proceeded by the future MPKK committee in the next years.

He explained that MPKK should be established at the national level because any issue brought up cannot be resolved solely at the university level. 

“It is extremely important to have a more in-depth discussion with fellow students who are also fighting for students’ rights at the residential college level,” he said.

He further presented the basic foundation proposal of the obligated fulfillment for MPKK establishment:

  • 20 representatives must be appointed from the Residential College Committee of all Public Universities (UA) in Malaysia.
  • The period of duty for each member of the Residential College Committee appointed is one year. 

Meanwhile, the main objectives of the establishment are:

  • To form a committee that can discuss central issues for all residential colleges in UA to discuss with the highest authority (MAPUM)
  • Facilitate communication between all UA residential college student committees

The details of the MPKK committee members are listed as follows:

1. MPKK advisor: 

  • The advisor will be appointed from Majlis Perumahan Universiti-Universiti Malaysia (MAPUM).

2. The Organization structure:


  • Chairman
  • Deputy Chairman 1 
  • Deputy Chairman 2
  • Secretary 1
  • Secretary 2
  • Treasurer
  • Vice Treasurer

Exco Committees;

  • The Exco Committees will be appointed based on the MPKK mainboard’s discussion.

The conference was attended by the Representative Council of Student Residential Colleges from other public universities in Malaysia.***

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