He who does not thank people does not thank Allah

By Revda Selver

GOMBAK, 11 December 2022: In her valedictorian speech, Ainun Nazirah binti Abdul Rahim expressed her gratitude to her fellow friends by thanking them for their endless support throughout her journey at IIUM.

“You cared for me when I was sick, you lent me your ears when I felt down, you offered me food and drinks when I was swamped with assignments”, Ainun said.

Ainun Nazirah graduated from the AbdulHamid AbuSulayman Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (AHAS KIRKHS) was conferred the Best Student (Overall) Award at the fourth session of IIUM’s 38th Convocation.

She received the award from His Excellency Mohammed Al-Sadiq bin Masoud Al-Attiyah, Ambassador of the state of Libya and member of the IIUM Board of Governors.

Ainun further showed her gratitude to the respective lecturers, who soldiered on through the difficult times of the pandemic and fulfilled their mission as educators.

“We came here with an empty glass and you filled it with knowledge and morals, despite the difficulties that you had to face during the pandemic”, she said. 

Ainun Nazirah reminded her fellow graduands of the prophet’s significant contribution to society, “He empowered the community through strong faith, high morals, and the practice of Al-Madinah excellent administration”. 

“Our role in this world is not only to be a good servant but a good servant who guides others to goodness,” she further explained. 

Ainun Nazirah shared her belief that self-discipline is essential in inspiring others and leaving a mark in the world. 

She emphasised that the right way to success lies in Allah’s acceptance of our good deeds through the Quranic verse, “O you who believe! Bow and prostrate and worship your lord and do good that you may succeed”.

On her last note, Ainun proudly expressed her gratitude for being an IIUM graduate. “The spirit of IIUM will live in our hearts forever,” she ended.”***

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