IRKHSSS election: amended rules and regulations

By Farzana Baharuddin and Syafiah Sakirin

GOMBAK, 25 November 2022: A few amendments were made to ensure the rules and regulations for the Election of IRKHSSS 2022 to be more “suitable to the current situation,” said the Chairman of the Election Commission, Iman Zikry.

The regulations of the election were announced last night (24 November) at 9.00 p.m via IRKHSS IIUM youtube live.

Below are the rules and regulations of the IRKHSSS Election 2022:

1. The Election Commission shall consist of:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Vice Chairman II
  • Secretaries
  • Treasurer
  • Representatives of IRKHSSS Secretariats

2. Qualifications of a candidate

  • A registered undergraduate student of AHAS KIRKHS
  • Obtained CGPA not less than 2.80 for general seats and council of chairperson seats whereas 3.00 for presidential seat at the time of nomination
  • Completed at least one regular semester for IRKHSSS seats
  • 1st year 1 semester students are eligible to be a candidate for secretariat seat
  • Final year students are not allowed to contest in the election
  • Have not been required to repeat one or more semester
  • Have not been found guilty and convicted to any disciplinary offence under the Student Disciplinary Rules except for compoundable offences
  • Students who hold positions in other societies/clubs or Mahallah may contest in IRKHSSS Election
  • Not the member of the election commission, election working commission, election tribunal committee and election audit committee
  • Any other qualification determined by the election commission from time to time

3. Restriction of Candidacy 

  • Any candidate for the election shall participate for election on individual capacity and not representing any elements of student front in which the election commission deemed unsuitable for the interest and well-being of the students of the university
  • A candidate shall stand for election for one constituency only
  • For all constituencies, the candidate must be a registered active student of the Kulliyyah
  • A candidate shall not be a nominator or a seconder to the nomination of other candidate
  • A nominator or a seconder shall not be a nominator and seconder of other candidate.

4. Registration of Candidate

  • Any registered student who wishes to participate for the election should present necessary forms for the purpose of nomination at an online platform determined by the election committee
  • A registered student who wishes to apply for the nomination form shall produce his/her valid student card and latest examination slip
  • A reasonable payment may be charged for the nomination form

5. Submission of Nomination Form

  • The candidate for all the constituency shall, together with his proposer and seconder, be present to submit the certified nomination form and other related documents on the date, and at the time and medium determined by the election working Committee
  • A nomination form submitted after the deadline of nomination period shall not be accepted
  • An incomplete or incorrectly completed nomination form is not valid
  • The election commission may call any candidate, proposer or seconder to obtain further information relating to the candidate’s nomination form, if necessary
  • Proposer and seconder cannot be the same person
  • Where any candidate, proposer or seconder fails to appear before the election working committee under sub-regulation (1) without any reasonable excuse, the nomination shall be rejected 
  • Before a candidate submits his nomination form under subsection, the candidate shall submit his nomination form together with the receipt of the payment of deposit
  • This regulation does not apply for online mode of election 

6. Withdrawal of candidacy

  • A candidate may withdraw from the election at any time by submitting his withdrawal letter to the election committee before the final list of candidates eligible to stand for election under Section 22 is announced
  • Any withdrawal from the candidate submitted to the election commission after the announcement of the final list of candidates eligible to run for election shall not be accepted
  • Withdrawal of candidacy only can be made within the period of time from the notice of the election.
  • The deposit will not be returned back once the candidate withdraw from the election

7. Election Campaign 

  • No candidate, proposer or seconder of a candidate’s nomination shall print, exhibit or distribute any posters, banners or use any electronic medium or other medium for campaign purposes without prior permission and approval by the election commission. 
  • Canvassing material (posters and banners) shall be submitted through IRKHSSS Election Commission official email for permission and approval

Students can download the rules and regulations in the linktree provided in IRKHSS Instagram account: ***

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