GE15: The do’s and don’ts during voting

By Nurin Najmina Zaidi

GOMBAK, 17 November 2022: 19 November will be a day to remember for all Malaysians, especially first-time voters, who will cast their votes to determine the future of Malaysia.

To ease the polling process, the Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPRM) uploaded a guideline on social media on what to do during the voting day.

Voters are encouraged to check the exact voting location and the time that is suitable to go in order to avoid overcrowding on the MySPRSemak website.

Guidelines during the voting day are as follows:

Bring your MyKad (IC)

The first thing to do before going to the voting place is to bring your MyKad or identification document to verify your identity as a Malaysian citizen.

Once you arrive at the designated place, hand over your Mykad at the voting center and make sure the identification card number on Mykad is correct.

Avoid wearing any substance on the nail

After your identity has been verified, the ink will be put on your left finger which will last for weeks. Therefore, it is best to avoid wearing nail polish or any substance on your left finger.

Leave your mobile phone

Your voting should be kept as a secret and should not be spread on social media. Therefore, after you receive your ballot paper, you will be asked to leave your mobile phone at the head of the polling station.

Put a cross on one candidate only

Each voter receives two paper ballots: one for the state assembly seat and the other for the parliamentary seat for their constituency.

Bear in mind that you might not receive two ballots this time around because not all state governments were disbanded.

On each ballot, the voter needs to cross near the empty space on the name and party symbol of the candidate of their choice. Keep in mind cross on one candidate only.

After that, the voter has to fold the ballots before placing them in separate ballot boxes for seats in the state assembly and parliament. Please do not forget to take your mobile phone after you cast your vote. ***

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