An exciting new chapter as freshman

By Syifa Alia Abu Ashraf

I am a freshy of the  Foundation in English at the Centre for Foundation Studies (CFS), International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM), Gambang Campus. I had recently completed my Ta’aruf Week in CFS during which I have benefited a lot from. The following are what I have gathered from what I have learnt from Ta’aruf Week.

We have to be Sabr in everything we do

Don’t you ever complain about studying and seeking knowledge. Be disciplined in whatever you do. If you are tired of studying, then go for a walk and have some fresh air. Don’t stress out alone and reach for help from lecturers and friends when needed. There was  a speaker who conveyed to us that there is a Hadith which states that whoever takes a path upon which he obtains knowledge, Allah makes the path to paradise easy for him.

Be honest in our work

Whenever we write our assignment, we must avoid plagiarism. We must give credit to the owner’s idea and do not claim it as our own. Plagiarism will ruin our mark in examination and presentation. It is also counted as a crime. It is haram to steal other’s idea or point. We are and should be against plagiarism.

Ignore others’ condemnation in order to be happy and attain success

In becoming happy students at CFS, we should attain new knowledge. Ignore what people want to  say about our hobby, passion and behaviour. For example, people may condemn our attire. Just go for it if we are confident that what we are wearing covers our aurah.

Everyone has their own rezq

Don’t be jealous of others’ rezq. Allah has a better plan for us. If we are happy for others, we will  also gain happiness in many other ways. Just be grateful because Allah knows the best about us. Maybe our rezq is better than what we expect.

From the Insan Sejahtera session, I learnt about the concept of KH.A.I.R which explains the terms Khalifah, Amanah, Iqra’ and Rahmatan Lil Alamin. There was a video which explains this concept so well. It tells us where and how we can practice the concepts in our daily life.

For Khalifah, performing five times of daily prayer will lead us to be a good khalifah. For Amanah, we have to be honest in everything we do especially when seeking knowledge and working. This is important in order to get halal rezq and blessing from Allah SWT. Next is Iqra’. We have to always be friend with books. By reading, we can sharpen our thinking skills.

Last but not least, Rahmatan lil Alamin means we have to be nice to every creature in this world. Do something for the sake of Allah’s blessing, instead of for others’ praises. We must help those who are in need or treat flora and fauna nicely.  

Overall, I did enjoy Ta’aruf week because I got to widen my basic understanding on how to be a good member of the IIUM. It has been proven that the IIUM is doing great in developing high moral values, and good ethics to their community. I am so happy to be part of this family.***

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