KAED’s graduate “jumping off” a tower before convocation

By Muammar Hadi

ALOR SETAR, 23 August 2022: Zulhusni Bin Aminuddin shared his experience jumping off the Alor Setar tower on 14 August, a few days before attending the 8th session of IIUM’s 37th Convocation Ceremony on 16 August (Tuesday). 

Zulhusni, a graduate of Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED), specialising in Urban and Regional Planning, has gone viral on social media after performing the extreme activity while wearing IIUM’s graduation robe. 

According to Zulhusni, he wanted to jump off the tower because it has been on his bucket list since its introduction last March and only officially launched on 13 August. He also saw this as a perfect opportunity to promote extreme tourism. 

“Since I had taken my robe earlier, I see this as the perfect opportunity to promote this kind of activity and places to all adrenaline junkies and local people,” he explained. 

He said it would be lying if he was not nervous. But he trusted the authorities as certified professionals were around when he performed the activity. 

Zulhusni highly recommended extreme activities like the drop zone, abseiling, hiking, and marathon to students, as these activities can push their limits and bring them out of their comfort zone especially if they are healthy. 

“The two benefits from this is it will build up your confidence and give you the chance to explore new environments and experiences and get to know new people who have the same interest as you”, he added. 

He mentioned that throughout his years at IIUM, he was able to learn about new cultures and environments and get to know new people. He added that he is very grateful to have met all the people during his journey.

When asked about his biggest struggle while studying, he said, “every student has their struggles, as for me, I was one of the students who stayed on campus during the pandemic outbreak and were worrying about my family as I couldn’t return to my hometown”. 

He mentioned how IIUM has positively changed his thinking style, perspective of the world, and communication and socialising skills. According to Zulhusni, IIUM has prepared him to face the reality of adulthood and working life.

He advised students who struggle with their studies to enjoy and adapt to their current situation and remember the reason why they started this journey and find people who they can trust to share their feelings.

“Always remember to have faith in Allah’s plans because sometimes, not everything turns out the way we want them to,” he concluded.***

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