AIKOL Mooters share their “Post-Law School” journey

By Marissa Nazeera

GOMBAK, 17 August 2022: A graduate from Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law (AIKOL), Aiman Farique, who was also the winner of the Overall Best Oralist in the Fox William Vis Pre-Moot received his scroll during the 37th IIUM Convocation Ceremony on Monday (15 August).

Aiman Farique and his teammate, Syed Asyraaf, Abdullah Mahzoom and Maryam Khalisa also won the 5th AIAC Virtual Pre-Moot 2021 in the 28th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot.

The team was coached by the previous Chairperson of the IIUM Moots and Client Consultation Club, Eizlan Farhan.

Aiman Farique and Eizlan Farhan had both joined numerous arbitration-related mooting competitions throughout their four years of reading law at Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws.

In fact, both of them never left the scene as they are now still mainly doing arbitration and litigation during their pupillage and practice.

Eizlan Farhan (left), and Aiman Farique (right) as the co-counsels during their oral submission.

Since both of them had joined numerous competitions, they can never foresee the day they stop practising. As told by Aiman, “Mooting has heavily affected one’s future career as practically everybody from Moots and Client Consultation Club will get picked up by good firms.”

In fact, Aiman is currently doing his pupillage in construction and engineering arbitration at one of the boutique firms known as James Monteiro Advocates and Solicitors.

Similarly, Eizlan is currently practising as a lawyer at Chooi and Company & Cheang and Ariff Advocates and Solicitors, doing corporate and security litigation and assisting with arbitral works.

Their vast experience in mooting competitions had greatly influenced them positively in both academic and real life practice. It has never been a waste of time and energy as it prepares them to properly articulate their answers and to sharpen their critical thinking and research skills.

This has become their main selling point to land jobs at top law firms.

“It is not a one-day journey, but through a few competitions I am able to reach where I am now,” said Eizlan when he was asked on mooting tips.

This was also concurred by Aiman as only through their experience they are able to read moot problems differently and accurately pinpoint the area of laws to research on.

He told a story that proves their success in a previous competition where his teammate, Zulaikha, had scrupulously researched and used an obscure case that nobody in the final rounds ever used but is effective to be used in the situation.

They both hoped for junior mooters to have a good case theory to ensure they can have a good structure. For them, everyone must be proactive in seeking knowledge then only they can obtain the final result they expected.***

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