You need good writing skills to survive in competitive industry, says Liz Kamaruddin

By Sarah Rashdi

GOMBAK, 22 May 2022: The existence of social media has changed the way communication works, hence great writing ability can help communication students to stand out among other competitors, said Prof. Liz Kamaruddin, a senior communication specialist, who is also an adjunct professor at Multimedia University.

Speaking during a talk titled “The Future of Communication and Communicators” on Friday (20 May), Liz emphasised the need for communication students to learn, practice and think creatively to leave great impressions in the industry.

“Others have high expectation for you as communication students to have great writing ability. Therefore, you need to read, study and learn to be better for your future,” she added.

She advised the communication students in an international university to step out of the realm of Malay and be international to expand their horizon.

She also highlighted the pivotal role played by the communicator as the conductor who creates connection and link with stakeholders. They are therefore required to think carefully before communicating.

She mentioned how communication students were perceived as arrogant due to their unwillingness to read and enhance their writing skills.

“To be communication professionals, you need to have the willingness to be the agent of change. If you can’t make changes, then leave. Stop uselessly wasting your time doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. That’s absolute insanity.”

She told the students to create impressions through their appearance alongside with their great skills. In the current world, a book is judged from its cover. Hence, future communicators need to make themselves look presentable by taking an extra care of their appearance.

“The job is more than just a pretty face, it is all about how capable you are as a writer and someone who can speak well. But, you need to dress smartly to create great impressions from others.”

She concluded by emphasising that everyone was born with choices and that the choice starts with themselves, therefore they need to choose wisely. Good communication can help to strive for the betterment of the people and the communities.

In order to be impactful, she advised students never stop reading and never stop learning so that they can be successful in life.

The talk was organised by the Practical Training (COMM 4995) students as part of their subject requirement under the supervision of their lecturer for that class, Dr. Shakira Nasir.***

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