IIUMSU Election 2022: PC clarifies amendments on seats

By Ameerah Angelina

GOMBAK, 28 April 2022: Three major amendments recently made to the constitution of the IIUM Student Union (IIUMSU) will see changes being implemented during the upcoming IIUMSU Election 2022 scheduled to be held on 21 May this year. 

Chairman of IIUMSU Election Commission, Nabil Haziq made the clarification on these changes at the press conference held live on YouTube yesterday morning.

Among the changes were the additions of central and general seats as listed below: 

  • 2 seats for International Constituency
  • 1 seat for Assistant Secretary III (For Pagoh)
  • 1 seat for Assistant Treasurer III (For Pagoh) 

He told the press conference that the Office Seats will now replace Kulliyyah Constituency Seats which means votes will no longer be kulliyyah-based and everyone in the campus can vote for the locality-based office seats.

The lists of the seats are as seen below: 

(Taken from the Notice of Election 2022 retrieved from IIUMSU EC Linktree)

There are now 41 seats in total as compared to the previous 27 seats. The addition of several seats, Nabil explained, is aimed to benefit and to provide greater opportunity for the Pagoh campus to have their voices heard through IIUMSU. 

Nabil said that with the addition of these new seats the new nomination form for International Seats, Assistant Secretary III, Assistant Treasurer III and Office Seats can be found on the IIUMSU Election Commission Linktree starting yesterday (27 April). 

To provide additional time for potential candidates to fill in these new forms, the closing date for the nomination form has been extended for a week to 12 May and the nomination of candidates will be released the following day on 13 May. 

“I hope there will be more brave and bold candidates who will go out and contest yourself as a candidate for this upcoming election,” Nabil expressed following the announcement on the extensions. 

Nabil reminded all candidates to adhere to the Do’s and Don’ts of the election, linked in their Linktree, to ensure the candidates’ campaigns go smoothly with minimal problems. 

The Linktree containing all the files and forms related to the IIUMSU 2022 Election, including the Notice of Election 2022, the Nomination Forms and the Do’s and Don’ts, can be retrieved here.*** 

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