YouTuber Sofian impresses Hollywood star Ryan in recent video collaboration

By Puteri An Nur

GOMBAK, 20 April 2021: Malaysia’s Mohamad Sofian, also known as Sofyank96 by many on his social media platforms, is a famous digital creator when he once again proved himself as a digital creator in his recent collaboration with Ryan Reynolds, a famous Hollywood actor.

With as many as 800,000 followers on Instagram and 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, Sofian rose to fame as a digital creator through his videos that used a lot of visual effects (VFX) and computer-generated imagery (CGI).

In his recent collaboration with Reynolds, Sofian documented the behind-the-scenes of the recordings in his vlog to show the viewers how he was able to create the video with Reynolds through Zoom. 

Despite being in different locations, Sofian was able to create the video using his incredible editing skills and made it appear realistic, as if Reynolds and him were in the same room.

The video is part of promotion for Reynolds’ new film, The Adam’s Project which was released recently on Netflix. 

Reynolds was amazed by the end product of Sofian’s video with him, and shared his thoughts about the video on Twitter.

“I think this sets an unfair standard for 4 minute junket interviews.,” said Reynolds in his tweet to Sofian.

According to Sofian, 80 percent of his videos rely heavily on CGI, hence the long hours of editing required for the videos.

His collaboration with Ryan Reynolds is not the first collaboration Sofian has done with the Hollywood star.

Previously, Sofian had also collaborated with other Hollywood celebrities such as John Cena and Will Smith.***

Source: Astro Awani

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