Hall stands in silence as mother receives daughter’s posthumous degree

By Sarah Rashdi

GOMBAK, 17 March 2022: The hall stood in stunned silence when the name, Nur Hanani binti Samsull, was announced for a posthumous degree in Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge (Fiqh and Usul Al-Fiqh) (Honours) at the 11th session of the 36th Convocation Ceremony today.

The late Nur Hanani, from Kuala Terengganu passed away due to dengue fever that caused her brainstem to bleed with tonsillar herniation on 13 December 2020.

Present today to receive the scroll from IIUM President, Tan Sri Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar, on behalf of the late Nur Hanani was her mother, Jah Laila Wati binti Suib, accompanied by her husband, Samsull Talib.

“Her love and dedication to finish her study remain strong in my memories and I bring those along on stage, to give me the courage to receive the scroll on her behalf,” she said.

“This filial daughter of mine is a quiet type but, she always put her family at heart. I remember, she would not eat before us despite her being in hunger, and on Friday, she would cut her parents’ nails as gently as possible because she does not want to cut the flesh of our fingertips. She had always wanted to give her best shot in everything that she did even when it was the simplest things ever.”

The family of the late Nur Hanani

With tears swelling in her eyes, Jah Laila Wati added that those 23 years of being borrowed with her precious daughter from Allah, were so short that it feels like yesterday she was just born into the family.

“I accept that Allah allows me to borrow her for 23 years. I admit that I love her so much, we all do, but Allah’s love for her is way greatest than us, and He indeed knows the best for us. I believe the rainbow will come after the rain, so maybe Allah wants to replace it with other things that are best for us. This test from Allah is so hard for me but still, I am grateful for what it is.” ***

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