PM wishes Malaysian Hindus Happy Thaipusam

By Nurin Nazifa

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 January 2022: Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob sent Thaipusam greetings to Hindus across the country who celebrate the festival today (18 January) through his official Facebook page.

“The Malaysian Family benefited from the country’s harmony and diversity of cultures, as well as the mutual respect that existed among people of various races, religions, and cultures,” said Ismail Sabri. 

In the video posted on his official page on Monday (17 January), he highlighted the importance of Thaipusam which is celebrated by the Hindus on the tenth month in the Tamil calendar. 

The Prime Minister also recalled how Thaipusam was celebrated pre-pandemic era where there will be processions to Hindu temples which include carrying the kavadis and milk-filled ‘paal-koodams’. 

Devotees carrying the milk-filled ‘paal-koodams’ on Thaipusam (The Star)

“However, to combat the spread of COVID-19, this year’s celebration will be on a small and moderate scale,” he added.

He reminded those who were celebrating to adhere to the new standard, as laid out in the standard operating procedure (SOPs).

Ismail Sabri also hoped that this year’s Thaipusam celebrations will continue to instil a sense of togetherness among individuals of all races and religions, as well as foster inclusiveness and unity among the Malaysian Family. ***

Source: Astro Awani and The Star

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