Importance of cyber security knowledge in modern workplace

By Nafisa Mayukh

GOMBAK, 15 December 2021: Communication students going for practical training attachment soon will have a chance to equip themselves with knowledge of cyber security and information security threats following a talk “Information Security in the Work Environment: Issues, Challenges and Solutions” to be held this Friday (17 December).

The talk will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Akram M Z M Khedher and Asst. Prof. Dr. Sharyar Wani from Kulliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT) through Zoom Cloud Platform.

“I want our students to be aware of the different information security threats in order to protect themselves and be safe,” said Prof. Dr. Akram M Z M Khedher who will be the key speaker.

Prof. Dr. Akram will be introducing participants to Industry 4.0, the current new phase of the Industrial Revolution, which puts a heavy focus on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data – a crucially fitting topic while working in the new norm.

The topic of information and cyber security in the workplace is an essential subject for students who will soon be joining the workforce in the midst of the pandemic, which has put a greater emphasis on working virtually than ever before.

In relevance to that, participants will also be primed on relevant topics such as cyber security, identity theft and hackers, in essence with the importance of human factors, ethical issues and security policy, along with more issues on the topic.

Through this talk, Prof. Dr. Akram hopes participants will have a better understanding of the do’s and don’ts of work cyber security, stating; “With constant cyber security breaches faced every day, every organisation needs protection against cyber attacks and security threats. It is the responsibility of every one of us.”

The talk is organised by Practical Training Class (COMM 4995) in collaboration with IIUM Flagship Siber Sejahtera and will be conducted virtually from 10 a.m. until 12 noon.

To take part in the talk and know more about this topic, participants are advised to register at:

The link to the Zoom session will be emailed to participants upon registration. For any inquiries contact contact: Siti –***

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