Career Centre holds talk on embracing emotions

By Muhammad Irfan

GOMBAK, 21 October 2021: In conjunction with this year’s Grand Mental Health Month Programme 2021, the Counselling and Career Services Centre (CCSC), IIUM, held a talk focusing on people’s emotions.

The talk was the 24th series of Thirty Series talk show planned by the CCSC, and was given by Nadia Mizan, a psychology officer at IIUM Pagoh campus.

The talk highlighted issues on people’s emotions covering the definition of emotions, the reasons to celebrate emotions and how to embrace emotions.

Nadia Mizan stressed that people need to understand the importance of emotional regulation in order for them to be in control of their own emotions.

“Emotional regulation is when someone is aware and understands their own emotions while acknowledging its impact on their behaviour. Thus, they need to have the ability to manage those emotions positively,” Nadia said.

The one-hour talk also emphasised the importance of emotional regulation. Nadia Mizan provided a thorough explanation on the significance of emotional regulation to the well-being of an individual.

“Emotional regulation could help an individual to calm down in times of emotional distress.

“The importance of emotional regulation also lies in its efficiency to prevent any aggression or behaviour that could be dangerous to ourselves and others.

“It is also notable that emotional regulation is an important part of mental health which makes it a crucial skill to have in life,” she highlighted.

Additionally, Nadia wants the participants to ask themselves critical questions, such as which emotions are hardest for them to tolerate, and what behaviours do they practice to calm down their feelings in order for them to understand their emotion better.

The talk touched on tips to regulate emotion which include taking care of physical needs and engaging in self-enhancing activities.

The pinnacle of the talk was when Nadia Mizan shared her guidance on how to embrace their own emotions.  She gave five steps to achieve them, which are:

  1. Identify your emotion
  2. Evaluate your emotion
  3. Ask yourself what helps you to feel better
  4. List out actions that you can take
  5. Make a choice

Nadia Mizan shared the steps to embrace their emotions and advised the audience to remember their emotions matter.

“Human beings are sensitive, they go through life so quickly that they often don’t stop to ponder what they’re feeling. That is one habit that needs to be broken,” she stressed.

The talk was streamed on Facebook live and can be viewed at the Counselling and Career Services Centre, IIUM Facebook page. ***

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