COVID-19 SOPs for IIUM returning students

By Rafiqi Yusoff

GOMBAK, 13 October 2021: The university has recently drawn up a complete guideline on COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs) to be adhered to by IIUM students and the campus community, including returning students, to ensure a safe social environment on campus. 

As stated in the guideline, fully vaccinated students are allowed to enter the IIUM campuses according to their assigned dates beginning 15 October 2021. However, any students with symptomatic, close contacts of COVID-19 cases, or even confirmed COVID-19 positive are strictly not allowed to return to campus. 

The SOPs also take in the modes of transportation that have been specified by the university management for students entering the campus to secure students’ movement in and out.

The modes of transportation cover students’ own transportation or students to be sent by fully vaccinated parents. Meanwhile, public transportation is not allowed except for the airline services. 

Other than that, all returning students are highly encouraged to undergo COVID-19 self-test 72 hours prior to the day of their arrival at campus. And their test results are to be submitted at the drive-through point at IIUM Culture Centre (ICC) for verification. 

Students with negative self-result are allowed to enter the campuses and they may proceed with the campus as well as Mahallah registration.

Nevertheless, students with positive self-result need to update on their MySejahtera and will return to their family or will undergo 10 days quarantine in the designated Mahallah. 

However, students are highly advised to refer to the COVID-19 SOPs to conform to the procedures of COVID-19 Self-Test which was issued recently in regard to the procedure before starting the test, during test procedure, and procedure after performing the test.

And it is to be noted that if the self-result undergone by the student is invalid, the student must repeat the test. 

Lastly, students are strictly advised to undergo ten days of self-monitoring period and therefore they are strongly encouraged to remain inside the campus within the period.

If any student experiences any symptoms of COVID-19 during the monitoring period, they are urged to make an immediate report concerning their health condition to Mahallah’s Office and Kulliyyah respectively. 

This COVID-19 SOPs are only subjected to returning students of Gombak, Pagoh and Kuala Lumpur campuses. Returning students of Kuantan campus on the other hand will follow separate guidelines issued by the Office of Campus Director.***

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