FoodBank, an initiative by IIUMSU to ensure zero hunger among students on campus

By Wala’ Muiz

GOMBAK, 24 September 2021: IIUM Student Union (IIUMSU) has generated a student-based initiative called FoodBank specifically in countering the problem of hunger among students such as B40 students who are financially affected by the pandemic.

Foodbank provides free dry food such as biscuits, dates, soft drinks, snacks as well as other types of basic needs such as body wash, face mask and laundry soap. This appears to be very helpful to IIUM students who are currently on campus based on feedback they have given as well as their overwhelming visit to the food bank site.

“The best part is when international students also come to the food bank,” said Aiman Faris, the staff member of Welfare IIUMSU.

The ones who sparked the idea of the campaign are Firdaus Haireen and Nur Izzati Zakaria, Officers of Welfare, IIUMSU. Later on, it was continued by Aidi Zuhaili, treasurer of IIUMSU and Aiman Faris.

The campaign has received a few sponsorships from companies and NGOs that they approached. Adequate funding is vital to ensure the smooth sailing of the stocking process.

Students who are interested in the free supplies are welcome to contact the phone numbers stated on their FoodBank posters, 0167640970 (Firdaus) and 0102999250 (Aiman) who are all committees members of IIUMSU.

Daily viral messages on the IIUMSU social media pages also helped to ensure that the information delivered to each student staying back on campus. Aside from contacting personally, students can also go directly to Wadi Budi (in Gombak campus) on level 2 to retrieve the supplies that they need.

On average, the food bank site received an amount of 10 students daily but has decreased gradually since the online postings are only done occasionally now.

“I want to help all the students in the campus especially those who are staying up late at night and have no food to munch at night as all cafe and kiosk are closed,” Aiman further elaborated.

It is the hope of the FoodBank staffs of the FoodBank programme to effectively help ensure zero hunger on campus during difficult times such as the shutdown of dining operation as well as not being able to afford their basic needs.***

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