Helping each other during the pandemic

By Mohamad Faris Haziq Bin Mohammed Shaharin

Recently, we were shocked to learn about the raising of ‘white flag’ by some people gravely in need of assistance for foodstuffs to facilitate their life as a consequence of the current pandemic which has affected their livelihood.

The pandemic has not been an easy circumstance for many of us to go through, at some point of life, giving up is a justifiable option. Many businesses incurred massive losses due to a reduction of buyer, many companies are shut down, many are laid off.

Paucity of the affected ones is highly mortified to seek help from others as they were also imputed with the knowledge that others are similarly and vigorously affected. As a member of the community, it is certainly our duty to facilitate the life of others.

Giving help to others doesn’t necessarily require to be in monetary form, it can also be in a form of food, drinks, clothes and other essential needs. Imagine a life depriving of essential needs, the husband carries the responsibility of accommodating his children and wife but are not able to do so. As result of no income, life is a misery, nonetheless happiness is no longer an existed word but unfathomable, for many of us.

Personally, I vehemently endorse the white flag movement as it allows the society to unite as one by helping the neighbours nearby. Certainly a small contribution would mean a world to them. The movement also raise awareness pertaining the responsibility that our leaders have and also inculcate a sense of gratitude in ourselves. Whereas being grateful with our life is the key to happiness, verily there are many who are below us.

Surely there are moments we wish the virus have never surfaced on earth, our life would be as amazing as sitting beside a river flowing alongside a mountain. Lately, I have seen an establishment of a helping centre where food and other essential needs are placed on a table and those who require them can take a reasonable amount without having to pay it. Among the places that have successfully carried out the food assistance are Balakong and Bandar Makhota Cheras where I had the opportunity to observe.

It is truly wonderful to see such an amazing and caring society Malaysia has been bestowed. Malaysia would be in a critical state if the society is not prepared to come to assistance. Helping others should not stop, but should be continued even though the virus have been vanquished.

This tough situation unites us all. The time we realise that to dampen poverty is not merely through financial assistance from the government alone, but it is understandable that we all carry the same responsibility.***

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