A great mockery to humanity if attack on Palestinian home is not condemned

By Marissa Nazeera

Home, now there is almost no more place for the Palestinians to call home. Not enough with 73 years of Zionist occupation over Palestine, now they are conquering the place called East Jerusalem. Houses owned by the Palestinians for years are now taken over by the Israeli settlers starting from past few days.

The eviction is actually the outcome of the Israel Supreme Court in which it had upheld the eviction of Palestinian families in order to pave way for the Israel settlers.

This ruling had caused an uproar among the Palestinians and they have been peace-protesting at the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah even during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Surely, their patriotism is something to be adored, but it shall be noted too that this fight does not come without a price. The Palestinian protestors are being brutally beaten, attacked, wounded, and were even hurt in the holy mosque of Al-Aqsa and the medical centres.

Some of us might find it hard to relate or picture the Zionist occupation that had happened in the 1940s, but now with the power of Internet and social media, we are all able to witness it with our own eyes. However, it shall be noted the fact that videos or pictures or any direct news updated from Palestine by any Palestinian are actually being taken down or even removed as soon as possible, by social media companies.

The media restriction and censorship are now being controlled and filtered since yesterday when Palestinians’ complaints online are not successfully updated and uploaded on their respective social media accounts. Not only their right to their own motherland is being snatched away, but also their rights to reveal the truth online are also being concealed.

The greed, the blindness, the inhumane, the coloniser’s mindset are simply ridiculous and unfathomable. This is not a mere house eviction, but a great proof of the denial of one’s right. The Palestinians would have no voice on this matter, but their fighting spirit is always on fire. It calls for the whole world, not only Muslims to take part in this fight against denial of basic human rights. This is also a call for the world to realise that the Israelis are also committing war crimes, military occupation and major ethnic cleansing for years.

Now, choose to remain silent and to ignore, or to acknowledge and to take part in it? When you think others are already aware and choose to ignore the issue, it is when 10,000 other people are doing the same too. Consequently, one day in the future, there would be no more country called “Palestine.” If this Israel apartheid is not being condemned publicly, then it would be a great mockery to humanity. ***

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