QuizUp: No Nonsense Tests That’ll Challenge Your IQ!

Bored in-between classes? This app is a sure way to fill the void.

By Shawal Ras

Created by an Iceland-based gaming company, Plain Vanilla, QuizUp is pretty much a very interesting trivia-based application for those who want to test out their general knowledge on any topics you’d find interesting. Each game is divided into short rounds, and a single game takes about a minute or so to complete all seven questions – that’s just how I like my casual-mobile games. I’ve tried this one and you know what, within the first one minute, I am addicted to it!



The Good: With hundreds of topics and questions, you’ll be amused at how much you should know about the world around us. Click on a topic, play against someone from any part of the world, and the one with the highest marks will win (and I did make a few new friends while playing, too!). And yes, its colourful interface won’t hurt your eyes either.

The Bad: Well, without internet and a smartphone, you won’t be able to play this. Plus, it is only available for iPhone and selected versions of Android.

The Verdict: Regardless to my addiction to this app, this is one awesome game for you to play with. Why get mad over some baby bird flapping its wings when you can actually train your brain and store some new valid information. The range of topics is glorious. And who doesn’t love the f-word: free?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Available in App Store and Google Play worldwide

Images: Wikimedia Commons, QuizUp’s official website

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