Prepare your strategic plan, new IIUMSU team advised

By Aida Najwa

GOMBAK, 12 April 2021: Student activism has an important role to play in higher education in the university, Deputy Rector (Student Development and Community Engagement), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zulkifli Bin Hasan said in his opening remarks when officiating the IIUM Student Union Annual General Meeting (AGM) last night.

He called on the newly elected president and his ‘cabinet’ to organise a special workshop to prepare a two-year strategic plan. This is to map out IIUM Student Union’s future direction as the autonomy of these seats entails accountability and upholding the mission and vision of the university, he advised.

The AGM was streamed live through IIUM Student Union Facebook on Sunday night (11 April) which was attended by its members both inside and outside the campus.

With the announcement of full official election results, the new line-up for IIUM Student Union 21/22 was finally confirmed.

Darwisy Roslan, who was successfully elected to the seat of the President in the recent student union election, delivered his maiden speech as the newly elected President for the tenure 2021/2022.

“To make sure no one is left behind in our community, in bringing our aspiration and in whatever journey we agreed to move forward,” Darwisy said as he called for action to embed the spirit of the new line-up to work together in giving their best.

He added, “Remember we are chosen by the people, hence let us work for the people.”

The recent election to the Student Union 2021/2022 recorded voter turnout of 32.70% for all campuses with 6,593 votes from undergraduates and 103 from postgraduates.

Earlier, the IIUMSU caretaker 2020/2021 President, Amir Nadzim Kaharudin expressed his appreciations and gratitude to his team as a whole for their contributions in attending to the students’ needs and welfare.

Before announcing the dissolution of his tenure, Amir Nadzim further noted that the union is neither for him nor for the executive but for all the students.

Categorising into four parts, Secretary of IIUMSU 2020/2021, Muhammad Nurarif Adli presented the reports of programmes and events carried out throughout the tenure consisting of integrity and transparency project such as the IIUM Student Union website, empowerment of student welfare such as #laptopforb40students, spirits of unionism, and intellectualism such as Townhall Student Union Awareness Project.

The AGM also saw reports on the income statement for the year ended 31 December 2020 and balance sheet as of 31 December 2020 presented by the treasurer of IIUMSU 2020/2021, Muhammad Yusof Nazarudin.

Three new honorary auditors of IIUMSU were elected through voting system for IIUM Student Union 2021/2022. They are Noor Athirah Mohd Fadzil, Arif Azhan Rashdan and Md Nuruzzaman. ***

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