IRKHSSS meets PMFSSK (UKM) for dialogue on online learning

By Amirah Yasmin

GOMBAK, 11 April 2021: Representatives of IIUM’s Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences Students’ Society (IRKHSSS) had a fruitful discussion on online teaching and learning with students from Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Sains Sosial dan Kemanusiaan (PMFSSK), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), following their discussions and an exchange of ideas recently.

The dialogue between representatives of the two societies commenced with introduction from both societies on programmes and initiatives executed by IRKHSSS as well as PMFSSK during the current new normal experienced by students in their respective universities.

Both sides shared their experience on the challenges faced by IRKHSSS and PMFSSK throughout the movement control order (MCO) and in adapting to the new normal which required them to follow the unprecedented standard operating procedure (SOP).

The session, held on Google Meet on Saturday (10 April), was moderated by Amirah Syazwani from PMFSSK’s Corporate Communication and Public Relations bureau.

The discussion included financial strategies to assist the welfare of students and to attend to students’ mental health problem. Both societies raised their concerns on issues pertaining to information dissemination to students regarding online teaching and learning.

During the virtual meeting, the president of IRKHSSS, Anas Hayyan, shared his views on the Kulliyyah’s (Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences) objective which he said is aimed at ‘Integration Towards Perfection’.

Anas further explained the importance of integrating Islamic values in the activities conducted by IRKHSSS which he stressed had always been the Kulliyyah’s philosophy.

The dialogue between IRKHSSS and PMFSSK had expanded the horizon for both societies to gain exposure from each other and shared fresh ideas to improve understanding on the running of the societies during their respective tenures.

IRKHSSS thanked PMFSSK for a fruitful discussion and expressed the hope that more programmes of this nature between the two societies could be conducted in the future.***

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