“Well-managed responsibilities lead to a balanced student life” – webinar

By Nabila Natasha

GOMBAK, 25 November 2020: The human brain is more of a task-switcher than a multitasker that we thought it is, hence to divide equal attention towards our tasks at one point is just impossible, a webinar was told.

The treasurer of the Department of Student Union Committee IIUM Kuantan, Puteri Hidayatul spoke on a webinar titled “Tanggungjawab vs Beban” on Tuesday which revolved around proper management of responsibilities for one to achieve a balanced student life.

Puteri Hidayatul told the audience that students generally have two main responsibilities that they need to carry – as a student and as a child.

Agreeing with Puteri Hidayatul’s view, another speaker Afiq Azri said, “Every responsibility is followed by a task that awaits to be performed.”

Afiq Azri is an educator at SMART Tahfiz Masjid UNISEL, who is also a Bachelor of Islamic Education student from Universiti Industri Selangor (UNISEL).

According to Puteri Hidayatul, responsibilities can either be burdensome by nature or otherwise, yet will be under a few circumstances, when it is by nature it’s the enormous tasks that are overloading your shoulder.

Afiq Azri shared that when it’s not, it’s because of four reasons – firstly; a pessimistic mindset can weigh you down; secondly, being uninterested in a particular task will make you feel overloaded; thirdly, an unsupportive environment which may dishearten you, hence, seeing the task as a burden; and fourthly, and the tasks executed are not done systematically.

Solutions to avoid responsibilities from becoming burdensome were shared by both the panelists.

As mentioned by Afiq Azri, having a strategy is crucial to ensure that the tasks are carried out properly. “Strategy includes planning and being work-smart in accomplishing the tasks,” he said.

“Besides, time management is needed to ensure that you are always on track.”

Puteri Hidayatul suggested a “to-do-list” so that you can easily keep track of all your duties and its deadlines.

“Separate your ‘to-do-list’ into academic and other commitments. That way you are able to spot if you are heavily focused on one than the other which allows you to alter your schedule accordingly.”

Puteri Hidayatul added that being honest with yourself is important for your well-being. “Only you can truly know your capabilities and limit.”

“When it comes to voluntary responsibility like taking position in a University club, do not force yourself into that position if you believe that you are not able to cope with the duties,” Puteri Hidayatul said.

Puteri Hidayatul reminded the audience to have time for themselves too. “Take a break and reward yourself by enjoying the nature, spend time with your family or treat yourself for an ice cream.” ***

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