Seeing things differently through travelling

By Athirah Mohammad

Can you recall when is the last time you go on a trip? I’m pretty sure that no one will ever say ‘no’ when it comes to travelling.

With growing affluence and cheaper airfares from low-cost carriers, travelling has frequently appeared on the bucket list of most people. Even though some people would choose to enjoy their leisure time and money more on material possessions rather than on a trip to a new place, that somehow is just because they don’t realise how rewarding and incredible travelling can be.

The joy of travel

Do you know travelling can change the way we view ourselves, the world and the people around us? In fact, travelling broadens the mind as it liberates us from our prejudices. Experiencing another culture firsthand allows us to gain better insight into how people in that particular place live. This indirectly enables us to eliminate stereotypes portraying a facile and one-sided view which we often see in the media. Thus, we should open our heart to the soul of the place that we visit in order to let us see things in a different light.

Apart from that, travelling makes us more appreciative of our home country. When we visit the less developed countries which are less efficient than our country, we will eventually learn to adapt and put up with the inconveniences.

We also begin to be more appreciative for what we have instead of being critical and constantly raising a stink about what we lack. More importantly, we can experience certain aspects of life that are almost impossible to get back home.

Travel more to achieve more

The more we explore and experience new things when we’re going on a trip, it will perhaps contribute to our learning process. This is because travelling inspires people to seek for new places and immerse themselves in a new culture.

Going to a different place or country is a perfect way to find inspiration as we can plan for a better life in the future. We will also get to learn through experiences and expand our knowledge. As we know, the human nature itself is all about curiosity which is integrated naturally in human mind. Travelling triggers curiosity since it urges human beings to observe things.

After all, travelling is an extraordinary experience that every person needs to try. It reveals a whole new and exciting world out there so we can create our own unforgettable adventures.***

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