Hidayah believes in staying true to passion and seeking parents’ blessings

By Faris Fuard

GOMBAK, 26 November 2019: “Staying true to the passion and drive that my father has instilled in me, I chose Islamic Finance,” said Nur Hidayah Binti Hamdan who was awarded the Best Student (Overall) for the Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences at the 35th IIUM Convocation Ceremony 5th session yesterday (25 November).

The valedictorian managed to receive the Dean’s List award for all semesters, achieving the IIUM Excellence Award with a 3.95 CGPA.

Hidayah highlighted the power of a parents’ du’a in making one survive in the university, on top of their struggles.

In attaining the blessings of her parents, she decided to take Islamic Finance despite having other courses in her mind during the first year of her study.

“Alhamdulillah, I braved through it and at the moment I’m employed in one of the top banking organisations in Malaysia,” she added.

“My parents were always there for me, and I always ask for their blessings when I have examinations.”

Besides her parents, Hidayah appreciated every one of her friends who have supported and strived together to this convocation.

Being the Head of the Islamic Finance Counsel, she told IIUMToday that it was difficult to revise her studies as there were so many things to do. However, Hidayah said she made sure that she focused in class.

“When you enter the class, know that the lecturer is teaching something you do not know so always be humble with knowledge,” she added.

She also mentioned “regardless of how small the uncertainty of any subject, we should always ask our lecturers to get the answers.”

Hidayah stated that there is a bright future for Islamic finance graduates in the future due to the support of our government.

“There will be more developments on how to improve Islamic finance aligned with Islamic Syariah,” she added when asked on the future of Islamic finance.

The award was presented by Her Excellency Dr. Merve Safa Kavakci, the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Malaysia, who was also IIUM Member of Board of Governors. ***

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