Cadets Undergo Live Grenades Training

By Nur Khairah Alegria Suner

GEMAS: IIUM Reserved Officers Training Unit (ROTU) Army cadets were given the opportunity to be involved in the use of live grenades during their officer’s continuous training program at Syed Sirajuddin Camp. The programme was held from 11-19th. June, 2014.

They were also given the exposure to fire grenades using the M203 grenade launcher, shoot General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) and Light Machine Gun (LMG).

“They also witnessed the launching of  Tactical Span Bridge by the 4th squadron of the Royal Army Engineers. They also went through a strenuous and rigorous floatation exercise across 200 meter lake,” said Royal Malay Regiment, Major Ahmad Azali Jaya. He also said that they had a friendly soccer game with the regular soldiers in the camp with a small margin of 4-3.

On the lighter side of the training, the cadets were given joy rides in the armored personal carriers around the camp. They were also treated to a static display of 105 mm Howitzer cannon, 155 mm cannon and mechanized vehicle.

The programme was also attended by Director of Centre for Credited Leadership & Soft Skill (CLASS), Dr. Che Amnah Bahari and ROTU Air Force Academic Advisor, Major (H) Roslan Ali.

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