Fashion, fads and a comeback?

By Maryam Iman

“When I was young, I used to look good on that peplum,” says my grandmother every time we watch the P. Ramlee series, then she just zoned out drowning into her old memories. At this moment, I realise that fashion is not just about style, it makes you travel over times as well.

From polka dot dresses to athleisure clothing, 2019 has blown a ton of new fashion trends. But while many bold styles are becoming ideals around the world, others are becoming short-lived fads as time inches forward.

Tiny sunglasses, for example, were everywhere at the beginning of the year, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Slick Woods nailing off the style as recorded by INSIDER. Halfway through the year, however, and the trend has already waned.

Talking about fashion, makeup is a part of it as well. Let’s look at the trends sweeping the other side of the world, Asian countries specifically South Korea, as they are the world leader in beauty and definitely the centre for beauty in Asia.

While we are bombarded with Western-style makeup trends from heavy contouring to arched eyebrows, Asians much prefer such fruit makeup, ‘chock chock skin’ (damp or moist skin) and ‘aegyo Sal’ (charming fat). This fashion has been going on pretty well in the past few years in most Asian countries.

Malaysia is not far behind the fashion world too. Even our baju kurung has set itself into a hot trendy-looking one, with peplum and mermaid cutting. Believe me, baju kurung could never go wrong in fashion until someone makes it look totally off by taking out the authentic baju kurung elements from it.

Some might be wondering how certain styles can be a huge trendy fashion and later fading into forgotten fads. Earlier in May, when Lady Gaga stepped out in New York City carrying a miniature bag designed by Delvaux, it was undoubtedly eye-catching for everyone there. However, it wasn’t looking practical enough for everyone to work on, hence, the fashion just dwindled away as time flew.

In short, all-time fashions usually have an attractive distinct style which fit perfectly and most importantly comfortable to wear for a chill hang-out. Following the hottest trend of today’s fashion, athleisure clothing has set a high bar in the fashion world.

I mean, who doesn’t love being able to go from slouching to running errands with the same all-round wardrobe pieces? With modernised style used in this clothing, blending with all cultures brought together from west to east, one might just walk the day off looking like models on the street. By that, I believe this fashion will still be going on pretty well in years ahead.

Just a slight change on the bangs: from messy, to side-swept, to wind-blown, to leaving a bit deadly space in the centre, one can just pull any of the styles off and would still look young. Nevertheless, please take note on your face shape too!

Water beads, popularly known as baby crystals, have become fads after years of craze, especially among youngsters.

As we grow old, we also tend to realise some changes going on to the younger generation’s interest in games. Back then, I used to play yo-yo and rubik’s cube with my cousins but nowadays it’s really hard to even see those things placed on a bookstore shelf. Those things really bring me back to my golden bits of yesteryear. Some legendary fads are possible to make a comeback these days but with the eminence of today’s video games, none could make a guarantee.

Anyway, you might also want to know why fads are hard to make a comeback. When a fad becomes wide-spread, it loses its charm and gets left out quickly. In short, fashions and fads have a greater appeal for the young and rich rather than the old and poor because the rich can afford to spend for the fads.

As a future trendsetter, you might want to start squeezing your ideas on fashion or anything related to it from now because who knows, one of them might be the future limitless trend of all time! ***

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