FIFA World Cup 2014 is here!

By Zulhamka Rosli

The most prestigous event of popular sport in the world, football, is here again this year. Many fans are excited to see the match of their favourite country. The event will be held in the country of the only five-time world champions, Brazil. The match will start on 13 June until 14 July. Not to mention the students, beside studying, they will be watching the matches along with their peers. This might be a good medium to release stress and enjoy the game. “This year World Cup will be awesome! And Germany will surely win,” said Hafizan Ahmad, one of the student of IIUM.

In FIFA’s website, the importance of this event is described as “the most popular sport in the world, football is a powerful tool to spread the message that racism has no place in sport, or in society at large. FIFA’s “Say No to Racism” campaign is our commitment to drive racism from the game and to set an example of equality for all to society,” said FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

The difference in time between Brazil and Malaysia will not be a problem to those who are really into football game. Some of them might even stay up all night just to watch the match of their favourite team. As long as they don’t leave what is obligatory to them, then it is all right. The schedule for all matches can be found at FIFA official website, So, do enjoy the match and cheers for your Favourite team.

Photo courtesy of FIFA's official website
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