Hard talk series on Political Centrism, 17 Oct

By Hidayah Sahrunizam

GOMBAK, 12 October 2019: The first installation of the Hardtalk series which will be discussing the topic on “Political Centrism” will take place in campus here on Thursday (17 October).

The talk featuring former Deputy Chairman of United Kingdom and Eire Council (UKEC), Shahril Hamdan, will be held at Richiamo Coffee from 8.00p.m until 10.30p.m. Shahril is also UMNO Youth Vice Chief.

The objective of the talk is to give exposure on the idea of political centrism and how the “New Malaysia” can achieve this type of political outlook.

Its programme manager, Mohammad Syafiq Samry, told IIUMToday that this first Hardtalk series by Wawasan Club would be a platform to revive a forgotten concept in Malaysia’s social and political spectrum.

“In today’s political world, when liberalists and conservatives are fighting out there while holding their political stance, then there is this group called the “centrist” who takes on side on issues on a case-by-case basis.”

He added that this first Hardtalk series by Wawasan Club would be a platform to revive this forgotten concept.

“Can the ‘New Malaysia’ achieve this type of political outlook in our political system? Everthing would be discussed by the panelist on Thursday night.”

Mohammad Syafiq hoped that this programme is a first out of many more installations in the future.

Committee members of this programme had called on the IIUM community and the public to attend the event.

For more information, readers can visit their Instagram and Twitter (@wawasanuiam), or contact 0126918095 (Sabina).***

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