Students’ societies line up Iftar dates during Ramadan

By Nurul Safwa Saluddin

GOMBAK, 7 May 2019 – It is a second day of Ramadan and there are a number of grand iftar that had been held and will be conducted for the IIUM community.

In conjunction of the fasting month, almost all Kulliyyah have set their dates to conduct Iftar either limited for the students of that particular kuliyyah or open to all the campus community.

There is also a grand iftar that will be conducted together with the community outside the campus like Iftar Mahabbah by ENGINIUS which is inviting the Orang Asli Gombak and the Grand Iftar by IRKHSSS with the Gombak community. Both events are targeting approximately seven to eight hundred participants.

This programme is meant to help the needy people as well as for the campus community to feel and share the vibes of Ramadan with other people.

Assistant programme manager for Grand Iftar IRKHSSS, Mira Faizah said: “Besides iftar, a competition will be conducted to encourage people to spread the da’wah by posting anything related with Ramadan on social media.”

IRKHSSS’s big event on 10 May will be conducted at the field in front of the IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC) so that everyone who entered IIUM can find the venue easily as well as to welcome everyone who passed by to join the event.

On Monday (6 May), the Economics and Management Sciences Society (EMSS) held their Grand Iftar for all IIUM community, at the same time a programme “Ihya Ramadhan” was launched.

EMSS will be conducting iftar everyday during Ramadan until 22 May, excluding Sunday. Apart from the Iftar, a tadabbur Quran session will be held before breaking of fast. ***

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