Harmoni Club now officially under STADD

By Faizatul Nabilah

GOMBAK, 26 April 2019 – Harmoni Club, previously known as Ikram Siswa, created history at Wadi Budi on Tuesday night (23 April) when it was officially launched as one of the registered societies under IIUM’s Student Affairs and Development Division (STADD).

This club generally known as dakwah based society was launched by the Director of STADD, Madam Hafsah Mohd Yusoff.

“I encourage Harmoni to organise more activities for all IIUM students, of which from the experience of organising the programmes, it would nurture students to become more creative, proactive and practising taqwa,” said Madam Hafsah.

She added, “Harmoni succeeded in organising programmes such as Sembang Kencang series and ‘Food For Siswa’ that gave benefits to IIUM students. I hope Harmoni will continue to organise impactful programmes for all students.”

Members of Harmoni currently exceeded 100 and the club had produced students of high leadership quality and charisma. This event had invited Faiz Fadzil, the Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) or State Legislative Assemblyman for Permatang Pasir as VIP. Also attended the event were a representative of Student Representative Council (SRC) and members from other dakwah based society.

“We prioritise the holistic development of our members as they may be involved in activism niche or other activities, where they can improve their spiritual values, leadership skills and talents, and get engaged with the community and students,” said Harmoni’s Vice President, Raja Hanisah. 

“We provide financial assistance for them too,” she added.

Harmoni’s upcoming event, which is another series of Sembang Kencang, will be conducted next week. ***

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